Chemical Compatibility Guide

Industrial Fabric Chemical Compatibility Guide. 

Please find a list below detailing the various chemicals approved and not approved to be used with various spill protection and containment products listed on the Merlin Industrial website.

CHEMICAL RATING @ 72 deg. F – 22.22 deg C

Rating Key:

  • R = Recommended for use
  • NR = Not recommended
  • NA = Not tested
  • F = Failed

Ammonium Biflouride R
Ammonium Flouride, 25% R
Ammonium Hydroxide R
Ammonium Sulfate R

Amyl Acetate NR
Aqua Regia R
Beer R

Benzene NR
Benzyl Alcohol NA
Black Liquor R
Bleach 12.5% R
Boric Acid R
Bromic Acid R
Butane R
Butylene R
Calcium Chloride R

Carbon Tetrachloride NR
Caronic Acid R
Castor Oil R
Chloric Acid, 20% R

Chlorine, Liquid NR
Citric Acid R
Coconut Oil NA
Copper Nitrate R
Copper Sulfate R
Corn Syrup R
Cottonseed Oil R
Detergents R

Diethyl Ether NR
Dietylene Glycol NA
Dimethyl Hydraxine NR
Disodium Phosphate R
Ethers NR
Esters NR

Ethyl Alcohol R
Ethylene Glycol R
Fatty Acids R
Formaldehyde R
Fructose R

Furfural NR
Gasoline F
Gin R
Green Liquor R
Hydrochloric Acid, 50% R
Hydroflouric Acid, dilute R
Hyrdogen Peroxide, 90% R
Hydrogen Sulfide, aqueous R

Iodine Solution NA
Ketones NR
Lacquers NA
Linseed Oil R
Magnesium Chloride R
Methyl Alcohol R

Methyl Bromide NR
Methyl Ethyl Ketone NR
Methylene Chloride NR

Mineral Oil R
Naptha R

Napthalene NR
Nitric Acid, 30% R
Nitric Acid, 100% NR
Oleic Acid R
Phosphoric Acid, 85% R
Potash R
Potassium Chloride R
Potassium Hydroxide R
Potassium Hypochlorite R
Propyl Alcohol R
Sea Water R
Soaps R
Sodium Chloride R
Sodium Hydroxide, 70% R
Sodium Nitrate R

Stearic Acid NR
Sulfur R
Sulfuric Acid, 80% R

Sulfuric Acid, 100% NR
Tanning Liquors R
Toluene, Toluol NR
Urea R
Vegetable Oil R
Whiskey R
Wines R
Zinc Chloride R

Zinc Oxice NA

Updates Week Ending 3rd October 2014

Welcome to another weeks updates to our main website. With news on two new executive office furniture ranges along with new media storage and charging targeted at schools and colleges looking to secure mobile IT equipment.

Laptop and Tablets Charging Unit



A development from the standard lockers with Biocote finishes these storage systems have additional ventilation and the addition of UK sockets for charging laptops and tablets. A steel dolly system turns the storage lockers into a mobile option allowing IT equipment to be moved and shared around a site whilst remaining secure.

Elements Executive Office Furniture



A new range of veneered executive furniture that is suitable for a directors office at home or at work with a wide range of real wood finishes.

Premia Reception Units




Reception units are available in a wide range of sizes and prices and the Premia range sits at the top of the list with the angled design and real wood veneers this reception unit offers so many choices including glass and DuPont’s Corian stone effect that anything you can envisage we can provide.


Merlin Updates for week ending 12th September 2014

Most of the work this week has been to prepare the site for ecommerce as we get a lot of requests from customers that they would prefer to order directly from the website so this has now started though with approximately 100,000 products it may take a couple of weeks to finalise.

Other news for this week

Workflow Solutions for Production areas

New to the conveyor section but more specialised and designed from modular units to enhance production and assembly lines in manufacturing and distribution.


Underground Waste Storage System

New Hydraulic underground waste systems that work from a standard three pin plug and hide unsightly bins and smells.


Wooden Waste Bins for External Use

More additions to our wooden litter bins including wooden screens for large wheelie bins perfect for campsites and caravan parks.


Truck Locks ¦ Trolley Brakes

New truck locks that unlike the established truck locks we supply fit to the side of the trolley / platform and not to the underneath opening up new possibilities for fabricators.


Wooden Pigeon Hole Units

Our wooden pigeon hole systems only had three models but now we have extended the range to not only include more pigeon hole storage but to include a range with cupboards underneath as shown in the image below


Fork Slung Drum Rotators

Fork drum rotators have been very popular this week so the page and information have been updated to offer specifications and model numbers.


Racking Repair Service

Brand new racking repair service offering cost savings and massive savings in time and effort as you no longer need to empty the racking as we can repair it whilst it is loaded with a fully certified system that guarantees repairs.

before after-racking-repair


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