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Wheel Clamps

Article from Autopa

The ‘Protection of Freedoms Act’ came into force on 1 October, making wheel clamping illegal on private land.

Our wide range of posts, bollards, barriers and gates not only protects your land against unwanted visitors but keeps you on the right side of the law as well.

We’ve been working within vehicle access control for over 60 years and are happy to share our expertise, making sure you have the right Autopa product to protect your land from unauthorised vehicles.  Combined with our commitment to excellent customer service and the longevity of our products, we are confident Autopa has the ideal solution to your needs.

To find out more about the ‘Protection of Freedoms Act’
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We’ve showcased just a few products from our range of parking posts below and you can see more on our website here

Wheel Clamp


  1. Category: (Barriers)

    Heavy Duty Safety BollardsThese safety barriers are ideal in warehouses or areas where staff are mixing with vehicles or fork lift trucks.  Positioned correctly these safety barriers can …
  2. Category: (Waste Management)

    … coated steel liner or an optional plastic moulded liner. They are part of the coordinated Heritage range of traditional litter bins and bollards, with their appearance being enhanced by a gold band trim …
  3. Category: (Barriers)

    Sterling & Monarch BollardsThe combination of styling and versatility is what makes the Sterling and Monarch bollard ranges two of the most popular choices for many high street retailers …
  4. Category: (Barriers)

    Woburn & Regency BollardsDesigned specifically to replace traditional steel roadside bollards, the new Woburn and Regency ranges are a perfect enhancement to a number of different urban and …
  5. Category: (Barriers)

    Bollards Bollards designed specifically to meet the demands of the outdoors. Available in a selection of styles and sizes we have bollards to suit a multitude of applications including hazard warning, …
  6. Category: (Barriers)

    Sentinel BollardsThe Sentinel DDA bollard range offers a contemporary, versatile and multi-functional bollard that is suitable for a wide range of urban, retail and industrial locations. A range …
  7. Category: (Barriers)

    Edgeminder Bollards The durable plastic moulded Edgeminder mini-bollard is primarily designed to protect grassed areas from illegal parking. Whilst maintaining style and a heritage appearance the Edgeminder …

Wheel Clamps on Private land