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Whiteboards and Display Panels

Display Boards and Panels

Aluminium edged display boards

EAD – Aluminium Framed Displayboards

EAD Pinboards and DryWipes offer you style, value and durability.
Well-proven by years of service in 1,000s of locations, the working heart of the board is made from a special core that grips on the push pins to hold displayed notes securely. This special core has self-healing properties to help combat the effects of being deeply pin punctured, after continual use which is covered by a three year guarantee.

Tough does not mean mundane, as EAD boards not only offer a wide choice of fabric colours (150 from stock) but also four different colours of corner trim that have snap-on covers to conceal the wall fixings. For areas that have both Pinboard and Whiteboard requirements, both types of boards can be ordered with matching trim and corner cap colours.

Aluminum frame  display board - image only

WED/WEW – Wood Framed Displayboards

WED Pinboards and WEW Drywipe boards bringing the warmth of wood to the workplace

Built around the same hard-working and self-healing core employed in all ECO Pinboard products, WED boards have a generous natural wood frame that is machined in our own timber mill using only raw materials that are guaranteed to be supplied from sustained and replanted forestry. Timber trims are available in a choice of Beech, Ebony, Light Oak, Mahogany, Natural or Teak stained finishes and for areas that require both Pinboard and Whiteboard display panels, a range of Whiteboards is available with matching timber trims.

Wooden Frames  double wide - image only

XTR Displayboards

The XTR series of Displayboards offers a choice of Pinable or Drywipe surfaces.

The XTR series of Display boards offers a choice of Pinable or Drywipe surfaces that are all edged with a tough uPVC edge trim, which includes screw concealing corner caps that come in a choice of colours, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue Red or Yellow. Pinnable boards are fitted with ECO’s well-proven self-healing core, whilst white boards employ an Easy write Easy wipe surface, that will accept all quality brands of dry-wipe marker pens. Dark Grey corners are supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. XTRW Drywipe boards come complete with a 240mm pen tray.

EUF – Unframed Pinboards

Economic and built to last, EUF pinboards offer great value for money.

With the working surfaces of EUF boards constructed from exactly the same high quality materials used for all ECO brand pinboards and carrying the same three year guarantee, EUF unframed boards offer extremely good value for money.

Unframed pinboards absorb sound, and unlike sister products that have noise reflective wood, metal or plastic frames, they provide effective noise control when strategically placed on walls and the backs of freestanding cupboards.

EUF - Unframed  Pinboards

Magnetic Drywipe Board

Made using the same construction method as the XTRW drywipe board. The XTRMW Magnetic Drywipe board has a heavy duty white metal drywipe surface and comes complete with a 5 year guarantee.

They are available in a choice of standard sizes including 600mm in height by 900mm in width. As well as this there is a 900mm in height by 1200mm in width and last of all there is a standard size of 1200mm in height by 1800mm in width.

Magnetic drywipe boards

Mobile Drywipe Boards

With the ability to roll easily from one location to another, ECO’s mobile display board range has a host of uses. In educational establishments, they can be used to both channel and inform visitors on enrolment days, whilst conference centres and hotels use them to temporarily
furnish any room for company seminars and training sessions.

Boards that are wholly, or partially faced with a pinboard surface are fitted with the same well-proven self-healing core as all other ECO pinboards and those with drywipe areas, employ the latest technology to give an Easy write – Easy wipe surface that only requires a damp
cloth to fetch the surface back as new.

The Mobile Drywipe Boards are Double Sided and come in 3 standard sizes, the first being at a height of 900mm by a width of 1200mm. The next sizes up for the Mobile Drywipe Boards is 1200mm high with a choice of 2 widths which are 1200mm and 1800mm.

Mobile magnetic drywipe  boards

Double Sided Display Boards

All mobiles have a working surface on both sides. Drywipe board mobiles have an Easy write Easy wipe surface front and back, and those models with a mixture of drywipe and pinboard
areas on one side, have the same options on the reverse.

All mobile display boards have a robust steel frame, treated with Light Grey scratch resistant epoxy resin paint finish, and stand on 360° swivel castors, with an overall height of 1850mm.
Lockable castor feet are available for these mobiles.

Double sided  drywwipe boards

Whiteboards and Display Panels