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Anti Slip De-icing Salt
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Anti-Slip De-icing Salt

Fast acting salt and granite mix that leaves a ‘gritty’ residue after de-icing, providing additional grip

CodeDescriptionPrice & Qty 1-5Price & Qty 6+
ICE131 x 25kg Bag£16.95POA
SALT3Pallet of 40 bags including delivery£395POA

White De-icing Salt

Fast acting, high purity salt for de-icing snow and ice leaving virtually no residue

CodeDescriptionPrice & Qty 1-5Price & Qty 6+
ICE31 x 25kg Bag£20.75POA
SALT1Pallet of 40 bags including delivery£415.00POA
White De-icing Salt

Salt Spreading Kits

Our salt spreading kits are ideal for large areas that require constant de-icing throughout the winter months.

The small kit contains one 18kg salt spreader and 10 bags of white de-icing salt

The large kit contains one 18kg salt spreader and 20 bags of white de-icing salt

BH10/KITSmall kit including delivery£336.95
ICE22Large kit including delivery£536.95

Grit Bin Kit

Ideal starter kit to keep your workplace slip free this winter. The kit contains one 170 litre Beehive grit bin, 7 bags of de-icing salt (sufficient to fully fill the grit bin), one large shovel and one large Hi-Vis Waistcoat

BH10/KITKit including delivery£336.95
Salt Spreading Kits

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Grit Bins and Salt Spreaders

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