Wire Mesh Lockers

A unique galvanized security cage the Gorilla Gas Cage has a tough and robust design using 25mm box sections and 3mm wire mesh, features a unique modular bolt-together design using individual galvanized panels making it quick and easy to erect and dismantle. All supplied with the relevant hazard warning signage attached.

• They have been specially designed for storing gas cylinders and protect the cylinders and a variety of equipment from being tampered with or stolen. They have a padlock point to secure the unit from theft. Facility to fix to ground, for added security and stability.

• For easy delivery these are flat-packed gas bottle cages and they come complete with all fixings to build the unit.

• Resists all weather conditions for maximum durability so is suitable for use on site or in the storage yard.

• Customisable to suit any requirements.

• A cost-effective alternative to most other gas bottle cages.

GGC1 gorilla gas bottle cage

GGC3 gas bottle storage cage 

GGC4 gas bottle storage cage

GGC9 gas bottle storage cage

Now also available as specials.  Please let us know what size you would like for a quote within 48 hours


Prices shown are valid until 31st August 2013

Wire mesh lockers offer both visibility, security and prevention of smells due to the intrinsic air flow capabilities of the wire mesh. Available in two depths 310mm (1 foot) or 460mm (18 Inches)

Wire mesh lockers offer both visibility, security and prevention of smells due to the intrinsic air flow capabilities of the wire mesh. Available in two depths 310mm (1 foot) or 460mm (18 Inches)
Wire mesh lockers offer both visibility, security and prevention of odours
  • Dimensions: (H) 1985mm x (W) 320mm x (D) 310mm / 460mm.
  • Manufactured from 25 x 25 x 2.5mm mild steel wire mesh with an 8mm round bar.
  • All lockers come complete with fitted brackets to enable lockers to be fixed to a wall.
  • All lockers are fitted with 150mm integral legs with the capability of fixing securely to the floor.
  • Lockers are fitted with Hasp & Staple for use with padlocks (sold separately)
  • One tier and Two tier lockers are fitted with a single coat hook
  • Single door lockers are fitted with Hasp & Staple and 3 point locking system.
  • All lockers are available WITHOUT doors (prices on request)


Sloping Top Option
Eliminates the possibility of items being stacked and accumulation of debris on the top of the lockers

150mm Base
Fixings in the base to allow the locker to be fixed to the floor

Fixing Bracket
Back fixing bracket allow the locker to be fixed to a wall

Hasp & Staple Locking
Hasp & Staple Locking for the use of a padlocks (sold separately)

310mm Deep
No of Doors     Single     Compartments     Price
1                    LT/305/1/1           One              £90.00
2                    LT/305/2/1           Two              £98.00
4                    LT/305/4/1           Four             £108.00
6                    LT/305/6/1            Six               £130.00

460mm Deep
No of Doors     Single     Compartments     Price
1              LT/457/1/1                  One            £96.00
2              LT/457/2/1                  Two            £104.00
4              LT/457/4/1                  Four           £113.00
6              LT/457/6/1                   Six             £136.00

Zinc Passivate with clear coat of lacquer as standard. Or optional Epoxy coating colours available.

Yellow Ral 1023
Red Ral 3020
Blue Ral 5002
Green Ral 6018
Black Ral 9005
White Ral 9010

Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire mesh lockers are manufactured in the UK by skilled wire workers providing standard lockers and purpose built lockers to suit a particular space or application.

Advantages of Wire Mesh Lockers

  • Excellent ventilation properties.
  • Contents Visible for added security.
  • Maximum air flow for drying wet clothing.
  • Secure location for tools and protective equipment.
  • Suitable for MOD, Prisons, Hospitals, Construction Sites, Sports Stadiums, Schools and Colleges

Triple Wire Mesh Locker

Standard Wire Mesh Lockers standard sizes:

Width 305mm – 1 Foot
Depth 305mm – 1 Foot or 457mm – 18 inches
Height 1980mm – 6.5 Feet
Available in Single Tier, Two Tier, Four Tier and Six Tier
Available in Single width, Double Width and Triple Width
Maximum Compartments in one modulke is 3 x 6 = 18


Bright Zinc Plate & Gold Passivate
Bright Zinc Place, Gold Passivate and Supream Seal
Blue External Powder Coat
Red External Powder Coat
Yellow External Powder Coat
Green External Powder Coat
Black External Powder Coat

All one tier wire mesh lockers are fitted with an internal shelf at a high level suitable for hats or shoes and a coat hook for hanging coats and clothing. 3-point locking is fitted as standard for added security, each individual door is fitted with a hasp and staple to allow for a padlock to be used (supplied separately).

Close Up Picture;

Close up of wire mesh locker

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