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The New Locker system

The Vedette specialised lockers are full-length units that incorporate
different internal arrangements to suit differing needs.

They include all the characteristics of the Vedette multi-compartment range
with some additional specialised features.

Divided VedetteA vertical partition within the
locker provides two separate hanging areas allowing soiled and clean
clothing to be segregated

Welled Vedette

The addition of a welled front allows the attachment of a seat. This
is achieved without the need for mounting the locker on a stand and is
therefore useful where there are height limitations to the room.

Vedette Lockers from Merlin Uniform
The internal arrangement provides separate areas for
both hanging clothing and storing smaller items. This large unit
provides the user with optimum storage space.

Dust collection in the bottom of the well is overcome by the
inclusion of a special dust removal slot at the bottom of the locker.

Contact us on 0845 124 9955 and ask for details on the Helmsman

As well as these
steel lockers we can supply Stainless Steel, Laminated, Perspex viewing
panel doors, double skin locker doors for strength and mesh.

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