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Ticket Pouches in colour

Ticket Pouches
Magnetic & Self-adhesive

coloured ticket puches

Now available in a wide range of colours.

colour range for label pouches

  • Cost effective Ticket Pouches in 4 sizes
  • Suitable for racking & shelving
  • Magnetic or self-adhesive fixing
  • 5 colour options allow areas to be colour coded
  • Complete with white card insert
  • Clear front for easy barcode scanning
  • Open on top and side to enable easy updates
  • Ideal for 5S & Lean manufacturing systems

Generally everything not only looks better but also works better by adding a colour element to your identification. It adds both a visual colour coding as well as a pleasing aesthetic look.

Merlin are pleased to announce that they can supply the popular PVC Ticket Pouches which are now available in a range of colours. Featuring a clear PVC front and coloured back that are suitable for racking, shelving and most steel surfaces.

The pouch has been designed so that it is open at the top and side, so that a label or ticket can easily be inserted.

Barcodes can be scanned through the clear PVC front without removing the insert.

The self-adhesive pouch offers a permanent fixture, whereas the magnetic pouch can be moved and easily relocated as required without removing the insert.

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