Tote pans in all shapes, sizes and variations. Tote Pan Syetems

  • Galvanised Steel Tote Pans
    The standard, universal stacking tote Pan is strongly constructed from galvanised steel with reinforced rims, easy grip handles and a cardholder at each end. A complete, inexpensive system widely used for the handling and storage of components. As optional extras, these tote pans can have coloured ends, be embossed with the company name and can come with dividers, individual part pans, slide-on lids and perforated bases.
  • Tote Baskets
    Made in 25mm or 12mm square wire mesh, they can be zinc plated or white plastic coated and will interstack with Tote Pans and fit racking.
  • Plastic Tote Pans
    These liquid-tight, easy to clean standard stacking plastic tote pans with integral handles and cardholder have been developed for general industrial use in storage and handling.
  • Tote Pan Racks
    Standard racking for the workplace and storeroom, available in a variety of colours, pans are individually located on three or four wide horizontal shelves (the industry standard), or tilted shelves (to allow viewing of contents).
  • Tote Pan Workstands
    Suitable for press operators and assembly areas, these are either 2 or 4 high tote pan stands, with horizontal or tilted shelves and are available in a variety of colours.
  • Stacking Racks
    Interstacking two or three shelf units designed for flexibility or to increase height in available storage areas. Available as horizontal or tilted shelf, in a variety of colours.
  • Feeder Racks
    Line-side live storage with rear loading shelves, tilted for picking of contents and with a bottom horizontal return shelf for empty pans. Fitted with a fork truck reinforced base to allow loaded racks to be moved or replaced. Available in a variety of colours.
  • Pallet Racks
    Palletise tote pans in pallet racking. Tote pans are individually located on angle guide rails, designed to stack up to 4 high, capacity 500kg per pallet. Available in a variety of colours.
  • Counter Bench Units
    Use as a stores counter or workbench for general purpose parts storage with galvanised steel worktops. Tote pans or vista bins individually located on guide rails.
  • Cantilever Racks
    For display and storage areas. Available in a variety of colours, with horizontal or tilted shelving.
  • High Density Stacking Racks
    Stackable high density drawer units for the most space-saving storage method of steel or plastic tote pans. With drawer guides and safety stops to retain pans when accessing contents, available in a variety of colours.
  • Tote Pan Trolleys and Bogies
    For lifting, moving and placing loaded stacks o0f standard Tote Pans.
  • Rack Trolleys
    Compact, mobile storage for parts and equipment. Under worktop rack trolleys can also be supplied with recessed galvanised steel workshop trays. Available in a variety of colours.
  • Order Picking Trolleys
    For use in narrow aisles, with tote pan system or on their own. Include steel shelves with retaining lip. Available in a variety of colours.


For more detailed information click on the link below to download pdf of brochure pages

? Tote Pan System – Pages 6-10 (1000kb)

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