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Updated 17th May 2019

This week’s updates include a clever new desk height converter that allows a standard desk to be turned into a sit-stand desk, also new are the larger wooden lockers allowing bigger bags and storage and perfect for schools and commercial premises. The InstaBunds are quick to install berm that can keep the environment safe by collecting any spillages. New expanding/concertina barriers including a plastic range as well as new aluminium steps and nearly 1500 chairs for the office, reception and meeting room areas.

The Latest New and updated pages

Bench and Fixed Canteen Units
Our canteen bench and fixed seating ranges are manufactured in the United Kingdom and with a normal delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks and all the canteen units below offer excellent value as they come as standard with a 5 year guarantee and are fully welded and ready to use straight away.

bench seating group image

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Desk Height Converter
The desk height converter allows a standard and existing desk to be turned into a sit or stand desk at the touch of a lever and the self-contained air hydraulic system. Complying with ANSI and BIFMA standards the clever desk converter is ready to use.

desk height converter in use

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Wooden Lockers
Wooden lockers help to bring the outside, inside and allow for a more natural outlook. For personal space and equipment, we need new and functional lockers for work and play.

wooden storage lockers

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Instabund – Instant Berms
The Instabund instant berms provide a quick and easy area to bund machinery and chemicals, helping to protect the environment and staff from exposure to hazardous chemicals. These quick to erect storage areas are relocatable.

berm with lawn mower collapsing side 600

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Concertina Expandable Barriers
The Concertina Expandable Barriers are perfect for providing security and safety for both public and private use. From construction sites, public areas and the leisure industries, for permanent fixtures and temporary solutions such as maintenance and cleaning operations. We have the wides range of expandable barriers in Steel, Plastic and Aluminium.

concertina diamond pattern barriers

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Certified Aluminium Folding Steps
The majority of our certified aluminium folding steps are to the latest EN 131 Professional standards though we do have some steps certified to EN 14183. With such a wide range of folding aluminium steps please let us know if the model you need is not shown here.

Easy slope aluminium folding steps 600px

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Aluminium Folding Platform Trucks
Aluminium Folding Platform Truck available in 3 working days provide a lightweight and sturdy platform to move up to 300 kg around easily. When not in use the handles fold flat as shown below. Weighing just 19 kg the platform/trolley can be stored in a boot leaving room for other items.

aluminium folded platform truck

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Chair and Seating Shop
The chair and seating shop covers a range of accessories such as gas lifts through to seating for the reception, conference, office and dining room areas. With over a thousand different chairs we hope to have one that you like.

posture seating range

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Heavy Duty Waste Sacks
Waste management problems are easily solved with the Racking Sack (New Roll cage and Trolley sacks). Suitable for most warehouse racking systems, the Racking Sack quickly fixes to the end of your racking system and offers an easier way to organise your recycling.


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