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Updates for Week Ending 21st June 2019

Merlin Industrial has made many upgrades to their server and software that allows for a faster browsing experience and excellent mobile phone and tablet accessibility. Updates for this week include a new update to the popular unbreakable plastic coat hooks as there was a problem with the online shop if you tried to order 10 x packs of hooks in 10 x colours. As well as the hooks Merlin has a new range of trolley brakes hot of the press and prices and next day availability is here.

Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks
Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks are becoming increasingly popular, as unlike the standard steel hook these are less rigid and offer more protection for children and adults. How tough are the hooks? They are ‘Unbreakable’ and were recently used on an adult climbing wall in Glasgow!

row of unbreakable plastic coat hooks in various colours 600px

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Truck Locks and Trolley Brakes
Truck locks are an easy way to retrofit brakes to an existing trolley or mobile platform or as an alternative to braked castors. The truck locks have a foot operated pad that lowers a pad normally with a rubber surface down to the floor raising the wheels slightly above the ground and providing a friction brake. Also called “trolley brakes”.

truck and parking locks

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City Litter Bins for External Use
An exciting range of external litter bins designed for parks and city centres. Manufactured in Europe to exacting standards and quality these bins provide excellent value for money. Full City bin catalogue at the bottom of this page.

Venice litter bins

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Grit & Salt Bins
The Grit and Salt bin are suitable for a variety of highways, pavement and car park locations. Can also be used for general storage in many areas. Our range of high impact, weatherproof and corrosion resistant grit bins, are ideal for storing salt, grit or sand. Perfect for both industrial and home use, we offer different sizes of grit salt bins as well as the more domestically suited salt boxes. Shop and prices at the bottom of this page.

200 litre grit

Free standing Ashtrays
Free-standing ashtrays are suitable for public areas such as airports, hospitals where design, function and longevity are important.  Available in the UK these attractive free-standing ashtrays are available quickly from stock in a selection of materials including stainless steel. Our cigarette bins are now supplied with a lock.

Delta Pyramid Ash Tower 1

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Heavy Duty Concrete Litter Bins

Glass Reinforced Concrete Bins overall designs date back to the sixties when the Beatles were Top of the Pops and are even more popular today than they were back then. Immune to much more damage than the modern plastic bins they are enjoying a resurgence with people looking for a sturdy glass reinforced concrete bins.
concrete litter bins

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Ring Tags Ideal for Wire Shelving and Cages
Ring tags are ideal for attaching signs to roll cages or where you cannot use sticky labels or rigid signs.  Designed for ease of use whilst offering maximum visibility.  The three-sided hanging sign below is a further development offering easy lane or aisle identification for large stores or warehouses.

ring tag signs

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