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Wet wednesday in rainy devon

B Team reporting whilst its good weather for ducks and canal boat holidays !!

A new round of conference/exhibitions are looming on the horizon covering office furniture, office products, energy conservation at work and in the office.


Britons are the energy wasters of Europe, despite environmental initiatives at home. Just switching off your monitor, photo copier and printer when going home is a small but good step forward towards saving energy and the production of it. Recycling at work not always a practical option but can be done with a bit of thought and planning by starting with recycling bins in the office instead of putting waste in a skip.

It’s Energy Saving Week – Save power every hour

  • Upgrading to a low energy lighting system
  • Switching computers hard drive & monitor off at night
  • Switch off gadgets such as phone chargers when not in use
  • Turn down the heating or air-con if it is too strong, switch off at night

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