The following week is the beginning of February and the move to spring and gardening. We have a wide range of wheelbarrows from the standard single wheel to the heavy-duty three wheel versions and a four-wheel tipping truck for maximum stability and ease of use.

The heavy-duty ranges are popular with Stables and Veterinarians and with the galvanised steel frames and quality wheels will last and make travelling across difficult terrain much easier.

Heavy duty plastic wheelbarrow

These models are on the following page on our website and can be reached by clicking on the picture above.


The all terrain tipping trailer above can be seen in detail by clicking on the image above.

Bristol 65 Two Pneumatic Wheel Tipper Wheelbarrow - 65 litre

Wheelbarrows are a great tool for gardeners and anyone needing to transport loads over uneven ground. The model above is one of several that are mostly industrial though we do have some DIY models. Materials range from Steel to Plastic depending on where and what you need to carry. Please click on the image above for more information.

If the weather is not as nice as it should be then the same wheelbarrows will be useful to ferry the snow away from paths and doorways!

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