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Workshop Rubber Mat

Special Offer ending soon for Workshop Rubber Mats

Workshop rubber matting

1-9 mats £39.00 each
10+ mats £35.75 each
Pallet of 50 £29.25 each

All prices net, ex VAT. Carriage Paid (Mainland UK)

  • Multi-purpose duckboards type mat with safety anti-slip surface and bevels on all sides.
  • Honeycomb design allows liquids to disperse quickly, leaving surface clear.
  • Easy to handle for cleaning purposes.
  • Overall height 13mm.

Code: WZ3660
Dimensions: 91 cm x 152 cm   3’ x 5’

After a busy week just shake free and sweep the rubbish, swarf away. We have been using one for over 10 years and it is still as good as new.

Order from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd on or 01752 690622 whilst this special offer is still available.

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