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Worktables for 2022

Workplace wellbeing is not a new concept but has gained momentum since the pandemic. As people are returning to offices, it has become a prime consideration for both employees and businesses. No one workspace can ideally support the variety of work that people do throughout the day. But a sense of gratification and autonomy can be established by offering employees a variety of workspaces in activity-based working models.

saxon & crew worktablesSaxon & Crew worktables

Worktables are a modern office trend based on a multi-purpose table system that can be customised for a variety of uses and environments. New for 2022, we’ve developed our Saxon and Crew table ranges with power modules, toolbars and components to turn them into modern worktables – offering companies one way to reconfigure their workspaces with a focus on collaboration and creating flexible, fluid work areas where people can gather, connect to their technology and to each other.

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