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Buronomic New Ranges

Ensemble tables

This week, discover our new leaflets for Comfort, Astrolite, Essentiel, Ensemble, Paisible and Classif ranges all manufactured by Buronomic and supplied by Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.

Astrolite Buronomic Comfort Buronomic


Astrolite is the perfect solution for single or multi-workstation configurations in an open-space layout. Ergonomic, it is the ideal desk range that adjusts to changing circumstances at an attractive price..

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Made from Structurex panels, this storage range will help make your daily tasks that much easier. These mobile, manoeuvrable and customisable storage units are the perfect choice.

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 Paisible metal storage  Essentiel desks


With the various metal storage solutions in the Paisible range, everything you need is within reach. Sturdy and modern, they bring to your office interior a contemporary look.

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Choose Essentiel for a great range of strong, functional desks. Available in numerous finishes, Essentiel will blend harmoniously into your work environment.

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 Ensemble tables  Classif storage


For small groups or large meetings, the Ensemble tables adapt to all your requirements. Choose the leg to best match your office ambience.

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File and archive all your documents easily with the Classif range. Sturdy and ergonomic, these cabinets are essential to organise your everyday storage.

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