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2023 was a year of substantial changes for the workplace, and 2024 seems set for much of the same – if not more!

With influences such as the progression of AI technology and the continued echoing effects of lockdowns and remote working, workplace culture truly does seem to have evolved into a new and exciting era.

  • Read the latest article for our top 5 predictions of what 2024 holds for workplace trends – and how you can ensure your workspace is fit for the future. Link to article.
  • An agile workspace is one that provides employees with the choice to work wherever they want within the office space.
  • 2024 is sure to cement AI’s place in our lives and in our offices.
  • This evergreen concept prioritizes our environment and the impact our workplaces have on it.
  • There are countless studies on the benefits of bringing biophilia to your business space, from improved productivity to decreased absenteeism.
  • In 2024, organizations with their fingers on the pulse of employee sentiment will be leaning into the concept of collaborative spaces.

Chairs and seating category

The chairs and seating category offers chairs and benches for offices, receptions, boardrooms, conference and production areas. Manufactured with guarantees up to 5 years with specialist posture, bariatric and anti-static seating products.

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Drawing equipment category

Drawing Equipment and accessories including Drawing Boards, drafting tables, design storage and Light boxes. Merlin also have a specialist range offering storage above A0 and microfilm storage at the other end of the scale.

Educational and IT Furniture

Educational and I.T. furniture that includes unbreakable coat hooks, rails, foldable stages and various storage equipment for plastic trays or computer equipment. Merlin offer industrial quality furniture designed for various educational ages along with cloakroom equipment manufactured in the UK.

Executive Office Furniture

Merlin’s executive office furniture section contains furniture designed for senior management and directors, in both veneered and laminated woods. Manufactured for the individual who has additional space to encompass the larger desks and associated storage such as credenzas.

Meeting and conference tables

Merlin has a wide range of meeting room tables that include folding, modular, flip top and boardroom tables, with most available from stock for a quick delivery. Shaped tables can be quickly arranged into a training or conference room.

Modular office furniture can easily be added or subtracted from, allowing for quick changes to the office workspace. Merlin supplies modular furniture and accessories that are manufactured in the UK and Europe to reliable standards for extensive longevity.

Office furniture can easily be added or subtracted from, allowing for quick changes to the office workspace. Merlin supplies modular furniture and accessories that are manufactured in the UK and Europe to reliable standards for extensive longevity.

Office Partition Systems

Office partition systems that include partitions manufactured using glass and wood, as well as temporary screens designed to separate open spaces. Merlin also has the acoustic pods that offer spaces for learning or working without noise from the surrounding areas.

Office storage equipment

Office storage for paper, stationery and various equipment is essential for any modern office environment. We have a wide range of steel and wooden storage systems, including tambour door cupboards and wooden pigeonhole units.

Reception furniture category

Reception furniture encompasses counter units from budget to designer and includes tables and seating, manufactured specifically for company waiting areas and available in different styles and finishes so that the reception area can reflect your companies’ ethos.

Screens and Dividing Panels

Screens and Dividing Panels manufactured for offices requiring desktop screens or freestanding acoustic and fire rated panels. With a wide range of models and colours, the office screens are upholstered in UK contract fabrics as well as wood, steel and glass options.

Workplace Furniture Predictions for 2024

For Formula 1 (F1) motorsports companies, the race to electrification is on. In 2022, the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) approved the F1 2026 Power Unit Regulations, a core tenet of which specifies that vehicles must “increase in the deployment of electrical power to up to 50% and utilize a 100% sustainable fuel”. WMSC has made its responsibilities clear; it now falls to motorsports companies to uphold theirs to comply with future F1 regulations.

F1 EV Racing

Electric vehicle (EV) battery testing is key for these companies to develop vehicles that comply with these regulations. But EV battery testing isn’t a straight road, exposing the companies testing this technology — and their people — to health and safety risks.

Not long after the WMSC announced its regulations, one company approached us to help it develop an EV testing solution that would allow its engineers to safely adapt their vehicles, improve their systems, and develop the race-winning electric motorsport cars of tomorrow.RB-CS-1

Compliance without a steer

At all times, across any industry, legislation provides the steer a company needs to operate safely, to the required quality standards, in cooperation with the wider industry and the law. Looked at in this way, regulations are guiding forces, shaping everything from research and development (R&D) to the finer details of key internal policies like health and safety.

The absence of regulations therefore presents a significant risk relative to the business area in question. When that business area is emerging EV battery technology with a reputation for catching fire or exploding when it becomes damaged or unstable, the lack of industry standards has a number of implications capable of making any company pause for thought.

  • Research staff developing technology around these batteries are exposed to risk.
  • Premises and other valuable assets can become damaged in the event of a fire.
  • The speed with which these battery types can catch fire, the temperatures involved, and their ability to reignite, puts emergency response teams at greater risk.
  • End users, in this case F1 drivers, could also suffer serious injuries or death in the event that unsafe EVs are approved for manufacture and use on the track.

Faced with these risks, the company that approached us needed a solution with which it could operate responsibly, in compliance with its internal standards and business protection, to ensure risk was minimized and safe, efficient EVs could be developed in confidence.RB-CS-2

Developing a custom EV battery testing laboratory

We first made contact at a lithium-ion battery exhibition, where the opportunities — and the risks — surrounding these battery types were well promoted. Following this, Ben Seddon, visited the client’s site to scope out their requirements.RB-CS-5

The design we proposed off the back of this site visit was a customized version of our walk-in container with test laboratory capabilities. The client worked with us to refine it until the design met its precise specifications for a safe yet practical operating environment. The approved concept included a 2-hour fire rating, air conditioning, extraction, and an aspirating system linked to the client’s site-wide alarms. The aspirator works by drawing in air through a tube that runs across the unit ceiling. If it detects smoke particles, it triggers the alarm. RB-CS-3

A dedicated suppression system was considered, but ultimately deemed unnecessary given the small size and low volume of batteries being tested in the unit. In the event of early detection as a result of the aspirators, any fires can be quickly put out using handheld lithium-ion extinguishers located and maintained in the vicinity. The 2-hour fire rating ensures the fire will be contained and that staff, the premises and the local environment are kept safe.RB-CS-4

From the workbench to the racetrack

The build took our engineers 10 weeks to complete and represents the first testing laboratory of its kind that we’ve developed for this purpose. It includes additional features such as electrical sockets and air lines, which aren’t standard to our walk-in units. RB-CS-6

The unit has been transported to its final location at one of the client’s sites. In the meantime, we’re due to begin work on a second unit of the same size with different interior specifications in the next few weeks.

The race to adopt new or emerging technology can be likened to a race to the finish line. But our client doesn’t just intend to come in first place. With its new testing laboratory, it now has the secure, reliable environment needed to lap the competition in the development of safe, efficient EVs that win races and drive the future of motorsport sustainability forward.

For more information on various hazardous storage solutions, visit this page.

Formula 1 (F1) motorsports companies,

Dear Valued Readers,

As we step into the promising dawn of 2024, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. The buzz of activity filled our offices from the moment the doors swung open yesterday, signalling a dynamic and productive year ahead.

This special year holds particular significance for us as we proudly celebrate the 30th anniversary of Merlin Industrial Products Ltd, a journey that commenced in March 1994. Reflecting on three decades of growth and innovation, we are reminded of the unwavering support that has propelled us to this milestone.

Anticipating an exciting and eventful year, we are thrilled to announce an array of new products and updates in the pipeline. Stay tuned as we share the latest developments right here, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Thank you once again for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to a year filled with achievements, milestones, and the continued success of Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.

Warm regards,

Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

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