Colourful Lockers

The old steel lockers used in companies and schools have changed over the last 20 years from a drab one colour grey to a myriad of colours and materials.


Now the choice of colours is almost endless and doors can be steel, plastic or the latest trespa material that works in conditions perilous to steel.


Lockers like the installation above can now be a feature rather than be hidden away in dark musky changing rooms and architects can use a wider palette to not only increase the functionality of a space but help it stand out.

coloured trespa locker doors

Lockers are now up to date and can function in a wide range of conditions and places that were inaccessible to them in bygone eras.

School lockers with shaded coloured doors


If you would like to modernise an area and add valuable storage space then please contact us at Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.

Today we are only limited by our imagination.

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