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Industrial Blog

Welcome to the, home to Industrial news for the UK and not King Arthur’s wizard. (Wizard related website here

Updated every week with new products and special offers we offer you a source of information you can check when you get a spare moment.

Unlike a lot of sites we do not need your email address or contact details as we do not send newsletters.  The only time we contact you is to reply to your enquiry or order.

The MerlinBlog is an extension of our main web site at a site that has been on the internet for over 20 years supplying a wide range of industrial products.

The company specialises in non-consumable products such as Lockers, Canteen furniture and Workbenches for factories, hospitals, schools etc and is an ideal tool for getting the odd item that you or your company requires.

Merlin is part of a mainly engineering group of companies that manufacture a wide range of products

Other Group Companies