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Moresecure Shelving News

Stormor S-Duty Box Shelf
Please note that Moresecure is now offering a STORMOR S-duty box shelf as the standard
option in Stormor shelving.
The new S-Duty box shelf offers improved deflection
capabilities over the STORMOR H-duty open shelf –
which has been the standard until now. The load carrying
capacity and list price are the same as the STORMOR
heavy-duty open shelf.
For shelves over 300mm deep and/or over 900mm wide,
the STORMOR S-duty box shelf will replace the
STORMOR H-duty open shelf as the standard offer.
SPEEDSTOCK sizes are remaining the same.
In addition The STORMOR H-duty open shelf 370mm
deep x 900, 1000 & 1250 widths will remain as a
SPEEDSTOCK item for lateral file applications.
The current Speed programme and price list already
feature the S-Duty box shelf and remaining H-Duty
Stormor Open Shelf
Stormor Box Shelf