Smoking Shelters

Smoking Shelters

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smoking shelter available from merlin

Smoking Shelters

Smoking Shelters are attractive external structures designed to provide a refuge for smokers from the wind and rain.

The laws governing smoking in public places are in the process of being changed. Scotland and Eire have already passed laws that prohibit smoking in the work-place. England and Wales followed suit in 2007.

Where the laws are already in place, employers can no longer provide “smoking rooms” for their staff – these are prohibited. Instead, many employers are choosing to provide external Shelters for Smokers. The advantage to the employee of a Smoking Shelter is protection from the wind and rain; the advantage to the employer is being able to control where smoking occurs outside the building.

Our Shelters for Smokers come in a range of sizes to suit different needs and budgets. The Traditional Smoking Shelter is a free-standing unit designed for 5-7 people. Its flat roof is often found to be in keeping with the design of industrial buildings. The Premier Shelter for Smokers is another free-standing unit, but designed for 9-12 people. It has an attractive curved translucent roof well-suited to modern office building design.

The Small Wall Mounted Shelter for Smokers offers cover for 2-3 people and is ideal for use by small businesses needing to provide for only a handful of smokers. The Large Wall Mounted Smoking Shelter is made from modular sections allowing the creation of a shelter that suits both your staff and your building

All our shelters for smokers are made from high-grade steel box section covered with a tough epoxy powder coating. The side and roof panels are made from UV resistant Perspex or polycarbonate. For some models, steel side panels can be specified.

All Smoking Shelters are more than 50% open. This means they are exempt from the legislation governing smoking in public places.

Should one of our standard designs or sizes of Shelter not suit, We are able to offer a bespoke manufacturing service. For a modest increase in cost, our designs can be tailored to your exact requirements.

For more details about Smoking Shelters please download the Shelters Brochure Click on the link below to view or download the PDF file.

Smoking Shelters Documentation ( 2500kb) ( Prices correct January 2010)

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