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Steel Walls and Partition for the Factory

We have just added 4 new sections on Steel Partition.
These include;
and Mesh

All of the sections have downloadable PDF’s showing standard panel sizes.

>>Please click here for Steel Partition

Merlin Industrial Products only Supply the Troax system of steel partition .We had no choice

It is impossible to not take the next step when firm conviction and clear insight drives you. This may explain Troax’s establishment and growth on increasingly more markets.

Troax has always perceived an escalating need for our safety solutions in industry, warehouse and property protection. A more effective society attracts more safety traps, which are very costly in production loss and, unfortunately harm people and our belongings. Which is why our concepts are becoming a global issue.

Security is a Group issue

Troax is a part of the international security group Gunnebo. Today, the Group has 90 companies located in 30 countries and sales to a further hundred markets via agents and distributors. Annual turnover amounts to some
MEUR 730.

In Gunnebo’s product portfolio, one can find fire- and burglar resistant safes, security products for banks and cash handling, electronic security systems, fire protection, entrance- and access control, alarm centres and outdoor and indoor perimeter protection.

The Troax Group

Troax was founded in 1955 in Hillerstorp, Sweden. The group presently consists of 13 sales companies in various countries plus some distributors on new markets. Our production sites are located in England and Sweden. We have 385 employees and our turnover is about MEUR 54.

Steady progress

Our ambition the past ten years has in part been to expand our local presence on more EUROPEAN markets and in part to develop our product range’s versatility. The range has been rigorously refined and focuses on mesh panels. Other product segments have been phased out or sold.

Our R&D efforts have resulted in many new products and accessories that build on our proven mesh panel concept. Take for example the Rapid Fix post and panel system or the Safe Lock locking/door system.

Central service locally

Troax’s business concept is to maintain a strong local competence on each respective market, serviced by central and easily accessible functions at the head office in Hillerstorp. Besides centralised production, Hillerstorp also houses technology, market, environment and quality functions that are at our subsidiaries’ disposal when dealing with customers, preparing tenders and for drawing assignments.

Irrespective of size or where our customers operate, Troax will also provide adequate and optimum solutions that are correctly priced. Local warehouses in each market are backed by daily deliveries from the world’s largest mesh panel warehouse in Hillerstorp.

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