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4ever Systems Office Furniture

4ever Systems Office Furniture

Available in 7 to 10 days

Latest Pricelist (up to October 2010)

4ever office furniture

A very extensive range of designer office furniture. Its shared leg system and wide choice of complementary furniture make it the perfect choice for businesses in which mobility and flexibility are paramount.

Technical Data

• 38 mm thick particle board, density 600 kg/m3, complete with built-in cable ports;
• Wood “ecologically certified” by the PEFC and FSC, in recognition that all or a proportion of the timber used is sourced from sustainably managed forest. Our tops are made from material certified to FSC-STD-40-004 (vers.01);
• Particle board certified to E1 (control of fomaldehyde emissions) with an emission level of 6.5 mg HCNO/100 mg and compliant with standards EN 120/92 and NF EN 717-2;
• Board is covered with a sheet of decorative monochrome or wood effect paper. During the High Resistance Melamine process, this paper is impregnated with a duroplastic resin to provide maximum protection, an industrial process which ensures that the furniture achieves outstanding results in terms of resistance to scratching and abrasion, thereby meeting the EN438 standard. An additional sheet of paper applied to the underside of tops to provide balance is also impregnated with duroplastic resin;
• Edges protected by a 2 mm thick strip of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is glued to the board and rounded at the top and bottom for maximum user comfort;
• Desktop fire safety classification: in accordance with the FD – P92-057 standard, particle board greater or equal to 18 mm in thickness is classified as M3 combustible, moderately flammable);
• Maintenance advice: use soapy water and avoid products which contain solvents.

The 4ever modular furniture range is available installed in 7 to 10 days.
Please click on the Adobe icon below to view the electronic catalogue or contact us for your free catalogue.

4ever modular furniture PDF brochure
4ever 3 people Light Oak rectangular desks
4ever 2 person French Apple Desk 600px wide
4ever 3 people Pear rectangular desks

4ever 3 person French Apple elevated image

Please call 0845 124 9955 during UK office hours or click here for a Catalogue Request or here to send any Questions or Requirements.

4ever Systems Office Furniture