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Alto office furniture

The French factory of Buronomic has added an unusual office desk to the already flamboyant Alto range.

Lots of personal storage feature with clever options like the notice boards. The models below are also mobile so can follow the light around the office!

Alto bring a plant to work

The frames can be manufactured in four different finishes. Black, White, Ochre and Green.

Alto desk frame colours

The style of the Alto range is prominent across the range, with the standard coworking desking shown here.

The factory describe the range as;

Flexibility, modularity and transversality are essential today in shared workspaces. Designed and designed for working in collaborative mode, Alto by Buronomic is a contemporary, innovative and flexible furniture program, just as comfortable in flex-office as in coworking or home-office.

Alto co-working office desks

For more information on this interesting office furniture range, along with a digital catalogue, visit

Bring your plants to work!