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Binpin Lock

Binpin Wheelie Bin Lock

Finally a way to secure your wheelie bin from being stolen or used to cart your valuables away. 2012 Update the design has now been fully tested and is going into production this month.  Please contact us for more information as this will be popular with councils and educational markets.

Binpin Security for Wheeled Refuse bins

Wheelie bin vandalism and theft is a huge problem here in the UK, costing the taxpayer millions of pounds each year.  Local councils have to replace thousands of wheelie bins annually.
The BinPin is a lockable device that can either be used to join bins together or to a wall fixing.

The image below shows how the binpin bracket works.
Snap the grips around side by side bins to join them and make moving them easier.
Attache a hook or bracket to the wall and the binpin can be securely attached.

Binpin specifications

Brand new for 2012 the Binpin goes into production in April.  Please contact us for further information.

Retail Price is just £ 36.99

Binpin Lock 2012 Update