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Mezzanine or Raised Floors

Mezzanine or Raised Floors

No matter what business you are in, the ability to expand to meet changing circumstances gives you a considerable advantage, but if this means relocating to new premises you will incur additional overheads directly affecting your profits. Building costs or increased rent, an increase in rates, the disruption caused by moving plant and equipment not to mention stock and personnel all contribute to the alternative solution.
If your building has a concrete base with a minimum headroom of approximately 4.2M then do not think about moving out – think about moving up. A Metadek Mezzanine Floor can add to your storage capacity, increase office accommodation or release valuable space for manufacturing or sales areas.

Turnkey Mezzanine Floor Projects

Whatever space you have Metadek will make the most of it.

Personnel access to a mezzanine floor or Raised Storage Area, is usually achieved using single or multi-flight staircases. On the upper level the perimeter is fitted with hand railing and a kickboard / fascia as are exposed sides to internal stairwells. To comply with Local Authority and Fire Regulations, fire cladding and cat-ladders can be fitted to ensure that operatives will be working in a safe environment.

Raised Storage Area in a Distribution Warehouse

Palletised loads are placed within an area which is surrounded by a hinged safety gate that is designed to protect operatives from unguarded edges and potential fall hazards. An advantage of an independent Metadek structure over a rack supported floor is the ability to have any combination of open area / office accommodation / shelving or production facilities. Goods Lifts or Scissor Lifts can be incorporated into a scheme where the transfer rate between levels is relatively high or where other access equipment is unavailable.

Safety Gate on a Mezzanine floor
Metadek Mezzanine and Rack Supported Floors are bespoke constructions. Every installation is designed in collaboration with you, the client. Floor types and finishes, a choice of stairtreads, access options and ancillary equipment all combine to provide a tailor made solution specifically for you.

Mezzanine & Rack Supported Floors are governed by Building and Fire Regulations. Applications must be made to your Local Authority and approved before any installation can commence. As part of our complete service, Metalrax will make all applications on your behalf, including the production of drawings and structural calculations, to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

As an ISO 9001 accredited company and a founder member of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (S.E.M.A.) Metalrax promote and adhere to the design standards set out in the Association’s Interim Code of Practice for mezzanine floors.

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Mezzanine or Raised Floors