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Police Lockers

Police lockers used to be just standard lockers where you could hang your truncheon up on a hook but, for the modern day bobby you now need somewhere to store your CS gas and communication devices hence the purposely designed police locker supplied by Merlin Industrial.


We supply a range of lockers specially designed to meet the needs of UK police authorities, which incorporate space for general storage of equipment used by officers on a daily basis, as well as areas for specific items.


Our police lockers are a heavy duty storage option available in a choice of sizes, which are designed to be robust, durable and withstand being used on a daily basis. Each of these lockers has a sturdy shelf at the top, with a rail underneath for hanging uniforms, while certain models also come with designated sections for CS canisters and airwave radios.

Police-lockers CS-Container-storage

BioCote antimicrobial protection is used on all our police lockers, which limits the spread of germs in the workplace by eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria.


Our range of police lockers includes:


  • Heavy duty lockers for the storage of all police officer equipment – from riot helmets to protective vests
  • Heavy duty lockers for additional storage of CS gas canisters
  • Heavy duty lockers with a further storage option for radios and communication devices
  • A storage and recharging solution for all handheld communications devices
  • We also supply vision panel lockers and In charge small item charging lockers which are also popular in police stations.


Merlin Industrial can help carrying out site surveys and space planning services at police stations around the country.

If you are having problems viewing the prices and specifications or just wish to download the brochure please click here. pdfs/Police-Lockers-2015.pdf

Police Lockers