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Trespa Lockers

Trespa solid grade laminate door lockers are an ideal choice for tough environments that can be prone to
vandalism and misuse.  The increased specification of these heavy duty lockers include unique features not found on similar products and are listed below.

Ideal for use in schools, colleges and new academies under the Building Schools for the Future government initiative, public areas and sports centres.

Trespa lockers

Why do I need a Trespa Locker
Trespa Athlon is a flat composite panel made specifically for interior applications based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high heat and pressure. Using special techniques, the panels have an integrated, decorative surface with scratch resisitant melamine-impregnated paper.
Impact resistance.
The combination of a solid, homogenous core with a hard surface based on melamine resins gives exceptional impact resistance. Suitable for use in applications which will be likely subject to vandalism and misuse.

Moisture resistant.
Unaffected by moisture or mould and will not rot. Both the surface and the core are made of thermosetting resins, which make them impervious to moisture absorption and is not susceptible to discoloration.

High wear and tear Resistance.
The special surface structure and durability provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. The panel retains its excellent properties over time, even after intensive use in heavy-duty applications.

Fire safety.
The panel material does not melt, drip or explode upon heating and retains its stability for a long period of time. Trespa Athlon FR grade has a UL Class ‘A’ fire rating in accordance with ASTM E-84.

Chemical resistance.
The panel is also resistant to disinfectants and detergents, food juices and dyes which neither effects the properties nor the appearance of the panel. Also unaffected by organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, xylene and similar substances

The closed, non-porous surface of Trespa Athlon does not attract dirt
and can be cleaned with either normal cleaning agents or with strong disinfectants, as
the material is chemically resistant.

  • Full Length Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Inset Doors to prevent levering open
  • Door stops to prevent doors being pushed into the locker
  • Locker frames manufactured from reduced carbon foot print steel
  • 2, 3 and 4 door options and in Singles, Doubles and Triple nests
  • Can be fitted with £1 coin return locks ideal for Gyms
full length hinges 13mm Thick trespa doors Inset doors with anti leverage built in

All Lockers 1800mm high x 300mm wide choice of 300 or 450mm depths.

Trespa Lockers