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Trucks and Trolleys

With 22 pages of trucks and trolleys in our handling section it listed alphabetically it can be difficult to navigate to the information pertinent to your requirements so we have listed the main pages below.

Over the years we have supplied many different trolleys and we have also designed and manufactured specials for companies such as the QVC shopping channel.

The largest range of trucks and trolleys for the United Kingdom.
3 Way Convertible Trolley

Ackerman Style Truck

Adjustable Height Trolleys

Aluminium Fold Down Platform Truck

Aluminium Platform Trucks

Aluminium Three Way Truck

ATV Tipping Trailers

Balanced Platform Trucks for the UK

Bar Trucks and Trolleys

Black Plastic Service Trolleys

Blue Tool Trolleys

Canteen Shelf Trolleys Capacity open on one side

Canteen Shelf Truck with Galvanised Trays

Canvas Sacked Laundry Trolleys

Chassis Trucks for Transporting Heavy Loads

Chrome Plated Wire Tray Trolley

Chrome Plated Wire Trolley

Chrome Plated Wire Trolleys 200kg

Container Carrier 50 kg capacity

Container Trucks 370 litres

Crawler Stair climber Capacity of 150Kg

Customised Linen Trolleys

Deep Shelf Grey Trolleys

Distribution Container Carrier

Distribution Trolley Range

Distribution Trolleys for External / Internal Use

Distribution Trucks and Trolleys

EasyTrolley Clever Folding Trolley

Economy Turntable Truck

Electric Picking Trucks

Electric Platform Trucks for the UK

Electrical Powered Trolley for the UK

ESD Part Storage Stands And Trolleys

ESD Trolleys for the Electronics Industry



Fibreglass Trolleys for the UK

Folding Laundry Trolley

Folding Lightweight Trolleys with Extending Handle

Folding Shelf Truck Capacity of 100Kg

Janitorial Cleaning Trolley

Large Container Trolley 350 litres

Light Duty Stainless Steel Shelf Trolleys

Mail Distribution Trolleys

Medical Trolleys for the UK

Medium Duty Three Way Truck

Mesh Surround Trolleys

Mini Moove Dollies For Industrial Facilities

Mini Plastic Platform Dolly

Mini Plastic Platform Trolley

Mini Tipper Truck for the UK

Mobile and Static Trolleys – removable Steer Wheels

Mobile Gas Cylinder Cage with Lockable Double Doors

Mobile Plastic Distribution Bins

Multi Purpose Low Load Turntable Trucks

Nesting Mobile Plastic Trucks

Nesting Order Picking Trolleys

Order Picking Trolley

Order Picking Trolleys with Steps

Order Picking Trucks for the UK

Plastic Based Trucks Capacity 500kg

Plastic Container Trucks

Plastic Dollies

Plastic Platform Trolleys 200kg

Plastic Platform Truck 120kg

Plastic Platform Truck Capacity 350Kg

Plastic Shelf Trolleys

Plastic Trolleys 90kg

Plastic Wheel Barrows Ideal for Farms and Gardens




Plywood Platform Trucks – Budget Range

Post Distribution Stair climber

Post Room Trolley ¦ Mail room Equipment

Premium Plastic Trucks Ideal for Storage and Transportation

Red Plastic Based Trucks

Reversible Tray Trolley Available in 2 Sizes Rough Terrain Steel Mesh Platform Truck

Security Box Trolleys Capacity 500kg

Self Levelling Trucks for easy Loading/Unloading

Shelf Trolley with Cabinet

Shelf Trolleys for Industrial and Commercial Use

Shelf Trucks Budget Range

Shopping Baskets and Trolleys

Single Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Standard Laundry Trolleys for the UK

Steel Mesh Platform Truck

Steel Presentation Stands

Step trolley Series 100

Straight Sided Plastic Trucks

Sturdy Platform Trucks

Three Shelf Hygiene Trolley

Tidy Plastic Trucks with Lids

Tilt Trucks Available in 3 Sizes

Tool Trolleys for the UK

Tote Truck Ideal for Warehouses and Factories

Trucks and Trolleys in a Variety of Colours

Turntable Trucks 750/1000kg

Two and Three Tier Trolleys

Two Tray Platform Truck

Two Way Truck Capacity of 250Kg

Two/Three Tier Workshop Trolley

Wheelbarrows for DIY and Professionals

Wide Range of Furniture Trolleys for Retail Use

Wide Range of Tapered Plastic Trucks

Wide Stair Climber 120kg

Wooden Deck Trolley







Finding a Truck or Trolley