Wide range of Lockers

Laminated Lockers


From schools to gyms, staff changing rooms at office complexes to personal item storage at numerous leisure facilities, there are many settings where dry area laminate lockers can be the perfect storage solution.

Why not add our range of durable and stylish laminate lockers to your product range today?


By combining the versatility of steel lockers with additional strength from reliable solid grade laminate doors, our dry area lockers are both an extremely secure and aesthetically pleasing option. A choice of reliable locking options means users can rest assured knowing their belongings are safe, while your customers can also use a run of these laminate lockers to add a touch a touch of colour and style to their premises.

Wire Mesh Lockers


Wire mesh lockers are an extremely economical storage option that is popular across multiple industries. A vast array of full height and multi compartment configurations are available, ranging from large individual storage areas, to 12-20 compartment personal lockers with individual doors and 40 small compartment options with large double doors.

This makes our wire mesh lockers suitable for storing everything from small parts to bulky work equipment in a range of workplaces. Coat hooks are included as standard in single and two door lockers for storing uniforms and work wear.

Wooden Door Lockers


Our wooden door lockers are a great alternative to other options, as they add a smart and unique finish to the security and strength of metal lockers. Attractive profiled wooden doors and matching end panels are fitted on top of the basic metal frame for an elegant personal storage solution suitable for many workplaces.

Whether your customers need lockers for a gym, sports centre, spa, health club or any other setting, our wooden door lockers provide an aesthetically pleasing and safe place for end users to hold their belongings.

Plastic Lockers


Our range of plastic lockers makes a great alternative to steel and laminate models. Tough, durable and weather resistant, they can be used in either outdoor or indoor settings, which make them suitable for a range of environments.

If you supply to the education sector, leisure industry or any other workplace, our plastic lockers are a great solution and are available with a choice of door colours and compartment configurations.

These plastic lockers are highly damage resistant which protects the contents from theft and reduces the risk of vandalism. They are also fully washable with drain holes for hygiene areas and are assembled with very strong hinges which can withstand 3200N (327kg) before breaking. Stacking and nesting these lockers is made easy with specially marked fixing points, while retro fitted sloping tops can be added to deter the accumulation of litter.

A choice of lock is also available, letting you offer your customers cam locks (with two keys), a swivel catch for use with a padlock (not supplied), and coin return options.

Vision Panel Lockers


Our vision panel lockers are designed to provide secure storage while also letting you view the contents of each compartment at a glance. This has several key advantages such as allowing quick and easy inspection and providing a deterrent to workplace theft by stopping lockers being a convenient hiding place for stolen items.

Each compartment door features a durable polyethylene panel, while the carcass is made from riveted and welded cold roll mild steel.

Charging Lockers


The In Charge locker range provides a safe location to restore the battery life on electronic devices like smart-phones, tools, laptops and tablets. Available in multiple configurations to suit every need, your customers will love the security and efficiency they provide.

Our In Charge lockers are suitable for a range of industries, and are particularly popular in school and colleges, where devices that aid learning can be stored away after lessons. They’re common in office settings too.

They help deal with the issues of trailing cables and the risk of theft by providing access to a power point in each compartment. Your customers can choose from between four and ten doors, each of which will be fitted with a secure lock for accessing individual items.

Our range of charging lockers are made at our UK manufacturing plants to market leading quality specifications. From reinforced box section for additional strength to the perforated side of each unit, you’re looking at an expertly designed piece of storage equipment.

We offer three main kinds of charging locker:

Laptop Charging Lockers
Small Item Charging Lockers
Tool Charging Locker
As with all of our lockers, our In Charge range is coated with BioCote protection, which kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces.

Standard Steel Lockers


Our steel lockers are manufactured in Shropshire to market leading standards and multiple configurations are available to meet all requirements. Whether your customers require full length lockers or multiple doors in a single nest, we offer a variety of options.

Whatever the configuration our metal lockers offer the utmost in personal belonging security, with solid doors and a choice of locking options.

All of our lockers are coated with BioCote antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. This is particularly important in hygiene conscious sectors like healthcare, food and drink production and education.

We offer several specific ranges of metal lockers, including:

Stronghold lockers
Full height lockers
Police lockers
Small item lockers
Three quarter and half height lockers
Laptop lockers
Cube lockers
Workwear lockers
Garment management lockers
With a wide range of customisable extras available, including door stiffeners for added security, perforated doors for improved ventilation and much more – our top of the range metal lockers will make a great addition to your existing product range.

We also have a range of lockers available on shorter lead times for when your customers need a personal storage solution in a hurry. Speak to our expert team today for more details.

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