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Are you still wearing masks?

It is a strange question. After two years it does feel strange to not wear a mask in public spaces. Though COVID does not seem to feature as much in the media it is still infecting and causing problems.

The latest disease to get airplay is the monkeypox, and I am certain that after that has gone, there will be many more.

It does make sense to take a closer look at the workspace as and when you plan on changes to door furniture or signage. Antibacterial, door furniture, for example can prevent many viruses. antibacterial handlesThese simple changes can future-proof your work area, school or hospital as they do not need replacing and carry on killing bugs as the clever material is manufactured to do so.

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Safety signs can also make a difference in helping to prevent a wide range of bugs.

Attention all staff and visitors Catch it, bin it, kill it floor graphic 400x600mm Manufactured in 5: Miscellaneous . Size, if applicable 400 x 600 mmHelp keep your work colleagues as safe as you can by initiating simple changes as and when the choice become available. That way the next outbreak will have less effect and the masks can stay off.