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Black Friday how was it for you?

Today is the last official day of Black Friday and for anyone that is not aware of the term, then basically it means sale prices that are timed to coincide with the American thanksgiving day celebrations. Trying to find a place where the Black Friday does not exist? Welcome to Merlin Industrial Products Ltd where prices are the same all year round.


The history behind the name is that on “Black Friday” traffic was horrific with everyone rushing to the sales and it stuck.  As an industrial product supplier Merlin does not have a black Friday event, though they would like to reiterate that as their catalogues are all online there are no parking costs and the products can be viewed, and if you are in the online shop, bought at any time of the day and from any location.

For all the turkeys in the Thanksgiving celebrations, we hope that your special day was painless and dignified. For everyone else tomorrow is Saturday so for most workers in the UK that means the weekend off!