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Coronavirus effects on Merlin Industrial Products

Update 25th March 2020

Our main factory at Lee Mill is now closed due to the Virus though we still have products from around the country which are still shipping.

Our sales offices remain open as the staff follow the governments guidelines and work from home.  Our telephone numbers are the same but we have added 0800 0418 650 so that you can call us for free from anywhere within the UK.

Please find the latest virus updates as it relates to Merlin Industrial’s capacity to help you source industrial products during this Covid 19 outbreak.

“During the Cornavirus – Covid 19 our offices, in multiple locations are open though, depending on the products chosen there may be some delays regarding deliveries.  Please call us for free on 0800 0418 650 if you have any questions.”

Please note that whilst we have staff in several locations that can help you with your previous, current and future requirements, border closures and factory shutdowns will effect deliveries.

Merlin Industrial factory is currently working as normal but we also source products from Europe and the UK so please bear with us as deliveries will be effected.