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Keyboard and Monitor Cleaning Products

AF International is Europe’s leading manufacturer of PC, office equipment and multi-media cleaning products, which are used throughout the world.

A comprehensive range of specialised anti-static products is manufactured to ISO9001:2000 certification at our plants in the United Kingdom and China, and packaged in distinctive multi-language blue, silver and yellow packaging which is widely recognised as the world-leading brand.

Inkjet Printer Cleaning Kit
Product code: IPK000
Ref (Short code): IPK
  • Complete kit to keep inkjet printers and inkjet fax machines in optimum condition
  • Roller fluid cleans and restores grip of rubber rollers
  • Cleaning Fluid cleans copper contacts to restore print quality
  • Inkjets cleaned with cleaning fluid and foam tipped spatulas
  • Powerful case cleaner
  • Ideal for use on printers with non-permanent print heads
10 x 30ml Cleaning Fluid, 2 Ultraclene, 30ml Roller Fluid, 10 Cotton Wipes, 6 PC Buds

Laser, Printer & Fax Cleaning Kit
Product code: LFC000
Ref (Short code): LFC
  • Complete kit to keep plain paper fax machines and laser printers in optimum condition
  • Cleans paper path and optics keeping printouts free from unwanted marks
  • Special cloths for absorbing toner spills
  • Powerful foaming cleaner for casings
  • Individual replacement products available
10 x 87ml Foamclene, 10 Printclene, 5 Tonerclene cloths, 20 Microwipes

Mouse & Keyboard Cleaning Kit
Product code: MKK000
Ref (Short code): MKK
  • Sanitising cleaning kit for mouse and keyboard
  • Use Foambuds and the Mouseclene pump spray to clean the contacts inside the mouse ball housing
  • Use pump spray in conjunction with cloth to clean mouse casing
  • Helps to keep controlled cursor movement
10 x 20ml Mouseclene, 4 Ultraclene, 12 Foambuds, 2 Cloths, 1 Keyboard Cleaning Card

Multi-functional Cleaning Kit
Product code: MFCK000
Ref (Short code): MFCK
  • Cleans computers, word processors, printers, telephones, photocopiers, fax machines, calculators, office furniture and much more
  • Comprehensive kit for surface cleaning of office equipment
  • Product contain anti-static properties
  • All products are non-flammable
  • Sufficient for cleaning about 4 workstations within half a year
  • All products can be ordered separately
1 x 1 Sprayduster, 125 ml, 1 Foamclene, 300 ml 50 Computiss, lint-free tissues, 25 Screen-Clene, saturated screen filter cleaning wipes, 25 Phone-Clene, pre-saturated bactericidal phone cleaning wipes, 1 Cleaning-CD

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit
Product code: MCK000
Ref (Short code): MCK
  • Complete kit for maintaining external surfaces of PCs, workstations and offices
  • Economic and convenient solution for small offices
  • Individual replacement products available
5 x 300ml Foamclene, 250ml Screen-Clene, 25 Pc Buds, 25 Safecloths, 50 Computiss, 25 Phone-Clene

PC Kit
Product code: PCK000
Ref (Short code): PCK
  • Smart kit for cleaning and maintaining floppy drives and exterior of workstations
  • Non-flammable, wet/dry screen and filter cleaning wipes
  • Powerful anti-bacterial wet/dry cleaner for keyboards”
  • Wet/dry 3.5″” drive head cleaning diskette”
  • Blister card kit for retail environment
  • Individual replacement products available
10 x “5 Ultraclene sachets, 1 Keyboard Cleaning Card, 20ml Cleaning Fluid, 10 Screen-Clene sachets, 3.5″” diskette”

PC Starter Kit
Product code: PCSK000
Ref (Short code): PCSK
  • Cleans CD-rom drives, PC and keyboard casing, telephones, computer monitor screens, printers, photocopiers and much more
  • Ideal for smaller offices or home workstations
  • Cleaning set with 3 application focuses: computer monitor and
  • All products are non-flammable
  • The new box is additionally shrink-wrapped which will benefit
  • All products can be ordered separately
1 x 1 Cleaning-CD, 25 Screen-Clene, pre-saturated screen filter cleaning wipes, 5 Ultraclene wet/dry wipes for cleaning plastic surfaces

Screen, Case & Keyboard Kit
Product code: SCK000
Ref (Short code): SCK
  • Value kit for maintaining all the external surfaces of the PC or workstation
  • Powerful foaming cleaner for cases and keyboards
  • Non-flammable, non-smearing anti-static cleaning for all filters and monitors
  • Anti-bactericidal
  • Individual replacement products available
10 x 87ml Foamclene, 100ml Screen-Clene, 4 pairs Ultraclene, 1 Keyboard Cleaning Card, 50 Computiss

Workstation Cleaning Kit
Product code: WCK000
Ref (Short code): WCK
  • Starter kit for home office use
  • Cost effective introduction to cleaning
  • All items in convenient sachet packs
  • Use to clean screen, keyboard and telephone
  • Non-flammable, non-smearing anti-static cleaning for all filters and monitors
  • Anti-bacterial wipes for keyboard
  • Individual replacement products available
10 x 8 Screen-Clene Sachets, 2 Phone-Clene wipes, 4 Ultraclene, 1 Keyboard Cleaning Card

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