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Latest Industrial News for Merlin

Welcome to another week and several changes and updates. Many products have been updated and there are a few new additions to the seriously large product range from Merlin Industrial products.

The new pharmacy and medical bags and cases are new this week and are manufactured using Astroboard, a lightweight but strong material perfect for customised cases. The genius that is Ingenio is the underground bin that can be raised from the ground using a crane. The massive storage capacity of the underground bin means that it does not need to be emptied anywhere as much as conventional surface mounted bins. Less emptying is better for everyone. Less heavy goods vehicles and fewer expenses for local councils. Please visit the link shown below for the exciting new video.

One of the other new industrial products from Merlin is the trough trolley! A moulded plastic trough that you can wheel around, or keep fixed. Lots of variations including taps and lids.

ingenio underground waste bin diagram

Dock boards and Dock plates

Dock boards and dock plates take up the difference in height between the back of the truck and the loading dock and, depending on the wide range of models below, allowing pedestrian and forklift access to load and unload quickly and safely. Manufactured using high tensile aluminium to keep the weight to a minimum whilst offering capacities from 700 kg.

Dock levelling boards AUG 36

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Pharmacy Boxes and Bags

Pharmacy boxes and bags are for the safe, secure storage and transportation of medical supplies. The custom bags and boxes are most often used in medical establishments such as the NHS and pharmacies. Merlin Industrial have a few standard sized units for Winchester bottles though mostly they are custom manufactured to your requirements.

medical transit cases 600

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Acoustic Screens and Office Panels

Office screens and partitions provide many benefits with the main ones being noise reduction and privacy. Most of the office screens we supply are demount-able and can be moved as and when required and make office plan changes easy to implement.

Acoustic Screens

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Underground Waste Systems

To make larger waste bins more accessible the semi-underground bins act like icebergs with the majority of the space underground leaving an attractive top with access to the bags and litter up to a staggering 5 m cubed. We have both underground and semi-underground bins for more space above ground and less emptying.

semi underground bins group image

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Medical and Pharmacy Trolleys

A wide range of medical and pharmacy trolleys and mobile storage designed for hospitals, chemists, first aid, veterinarians and medical centres. Coated in antimicrobial protection with long guarantees and recommended by leading physicians across the United Kingdom and Europe. Also, available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Treston medical trolleys

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Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is one of the most popular storage systems due to its versatility in storing all different sizes and weights. Available quickly from stock you can be assured that any shelving system you get from Merlin will last many years and should you wish to expand in the future the components will still be available. 2021 prices at the bottom of this page.

Longspan Double Bay

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Plastic Trough Trolleys

The plastic trough trolley or stand has been designed mainly for the food manufacturing industry with plastic troughs moulded in medium density polyethylene MDPE. The chassis cane be supplied in powder coated steel or stainless steel along with castors for easy mobility. The troughs can also be accessorized with taps and lids.

Trough trolleys for the food industry

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Wooden Seated Canteen Units

The wooden seated canteen units provide a clean and aesthetic look and with the natural beech finishes they are ideal for garden centres or restaurants looking for a more natural look. The canteen units are available in a wide range of layouts, and we can also provide disability access as required.

wooden canteen units group

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Folding Work Platforms

The Climb-It Folding Work Platforms offer stability and safety whilst working above the ground. Available in a 2 or 3-step option these lightweight platforms can be folded and wheeled through a normal doorway making them ideal for maintenance or cleaning companies.

EP880Y folding workplatform with steps

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