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Pension Pinched?

One of our suppliers used to be a Dexion agent for all the shelving and racking systems and they are trying to bring to the publics awareness of how their pension scheme was stolen and how we all need to be vigilant.

We all need to be aware how safe our pensions. I have included links and text below from the famous Saga organisation;

Please sign the petition and advise your friends and relatives.

The data below has been copied from

Pension theft campaign

Did you lose some or all of your company pension? Dr Ros Altmann explains how you can join the fight

How you can help

Sign our petition
When Parliament reconvenes in the Autumn, we expect a debate on the Government’s refusal to compensate. We need you to help make sure that MPs vote for a proper compensation scheme – and urgently.
So if you want to help, please write to your MP now, whatever party he or she represents.

Tell them that when issue is debated in Parliament in the autumn, you expect them to stand up for our democracy and social justice and vote for a proper compensation scheme.

MPs have the power to hold Ministers to account and stop the Government from ignoring these good people They can defeat the Government in a vote and call for urgent measures to be introduced.

You can tell your MP to ensure our Parliamentary safeguards are respected and that this shameful injustice is remedied properly.

How to write to your MP

Your MP is your representative in Parliament, If you don’t know who your MP is, or how to contact them, visit the ‘Write to them ‘ website. That link has email addresses.

If you prefer to write a letter the address for any MP is (name of MP) House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

What to say

It is best that you write in your own words, rather than sending a standardised letter.

Here are some points you may want to include:

State clearly that you want your MP to put pressure on the Government, the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and the Pensions Minister to organise proper compensation quickly for those who have lost their pensions.
If the Parliamentary Ombudsman – the final arbiter in these matters – says the Government is guilty of maladministration, then the Government must accept that.

This is because if the Government can simply reject findings it does not like, it puts our entire democratic process at risk. If allowed to stand, ordinary citizens have no protection against politicians behaving wrongly.

Your MP must stand up now for basic democracy and not just toe a party line.

Ministers have their own high pensions paid for by the taxpayer, yet they are denying pensions to people who, – by trusting the system – are facing a retirement in penury.

Trust in pensions is being severely damaged by the sight of people who have saved all their lives, in schemes which Government said were safe and protected by law, but then lost their money.

This is not just a political issue, it is a matter of social justice. No other country has allowed this to happen, everywhere else had proper protections.

Justice delayed is justice denied. People are dying right now, without their pensions, and leaving widows or widowers with nothing. Your MP must ask for action quickly.

We will bring you the latest news and further campaigning options. For further information, or if you have been directly affected, see also the following sites.

Useful websites

Pensions Theft

Ros Altmann

Pensions Resource Group

Write to them

Pensions Ombudsman

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