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Smoking Shelters are very popular

Smoking Shelters
(Installation now available)

Legislation and a new code of practice are expected to implement a total ban on smoking in the workplace. In a large number of organisations that have a no smoking policy, employees who do smoke tend to find themselves relegated to smoking ‘off site’. This is often at the front of buildings and around entrances and exits. Unsightly discarded smoker’s litter is usually the result, with people huddled together against the elements. These smoking shelters enable employers to provide a designated smoking environment in a protected and controlled area, away from the main corporate entrance or exit.
smoking shelter with perch seat and ash stand
The design of these smoking shelters enables easy access and egress. Open areas at the base and below the roof line allows for the rapid dispersal of cigarette fumes for the smokers comfort. The photograph below shows a shelter with the optional decorated steel rear panel. Site surveys and Installation service is also available. Please note the new Curvy model at the bottom of the page.

New Look Smoking Shelter for 2005
Designed to withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it, the smoking shelter shown below is also designed to look good as well. The new smoking shelter has a more curved contemporary design than the model above, and is designed to blend into traditional and modern environments.
New Curvy smoking shelter for the United Kingdom
Constructed from a powder coated steel frame.
Choice of transparent veralite or powder coated steel side panels.
Adjustable levelling feet for surface fixing or grouting.
All shelters are 2250 mm high x 3000 mm wide x 2100 mm deep.
Extension units available.

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