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British Telecom

Just a cautionary tale for companies looking to move offices and there telephones.

We ordered a office move last month and we were giving a moving date of the 18th September.  An automated call from Openreach stated that the engineer would call between 1 and 6pm.

The engineer did not call and said that we were not in when the office was manned up until 8pm.

After a chat to the moving team at BT we found that the engineer was going to install one telephone line with a different telephone number.

The order was for a Fax and Telephone line and twin ISDN’s to run our VOIP system.

It now appears that the telephone line will be installed on the 25th September and Broadband put on around the 2nd October.  The all important ISDN’s have been booked for the 5th October.

If you are moving or planning on moving your telephone lines / systems Please make sure that the dates are not staggered across 4 weeks.

Currently we are surviving on BT openzone and a 3g router and using SIP phones and an account with SIPGATE.

BT do not have a complaints department according to the staff we have spoken to and this is not because they are faultless.

With no other competition in our area we have no other option than to wait and hope that it gets resolved.  Our only advantage is that we have an excellent IT department that have managed to keep us connected.

British Telecom