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As the Covid-19 virus hopefully Peeters out across the globe and here in the UK a wide range people have noticed the positive effects on our ecology such as cleaner air. Now seems an ideal time to promote electric cars with zero emissions and cheaper running costs.


This from EDF;

Just like traditional fuel engine vehicles, the cost of buying and running an electric vehicle varies depending on the model, make and specifics of the vehicle – it means there’s an option for everyone.

Good news – electric vehicles are likely to cost you less over the course of ownership. Electricity costs much less than petrol or diesel and electric cars require less maintenance than an internal combustion engine (ICE).

In addition, there are various incentives offered such as government grants or schemes, Vehicle Excise Duty discounts or exemption and also exemption from Fuel Duty. Read more information on tax benefits. You could get a discount or possibly drive in the Congestion Charge zone for free.

This means that out highways may struggle to provide adequate EV chargers as the number of electric vehicles increases across the UK.

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More facts from Wikipedia

The adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in the United Kingdom is actively supported by the British government through the plug-in car and van grants schemes and other incentives.[2] More than 212,000 light-duty plug-in electric vehicles had been registered in the UK up until December 2018, including about 10,000 plug-in commercial vans.[3]

A surge of plug-in car sales took place in Britain beginning in 2014. Total registrations went from 3,586 in 2013, to 37,092 in 2016, and rose to 59,911 in 2018.[SMMT 3][SMMT 7][SMMT 8] The market share of the plug-in segment went from 0.16% in 2013 to 0.59% in 2014, and achieved 2.6% in 2018.[SMMT 3][SMMT 4][SMMT 8]

To this extent it may be worth businesses considering car chargers at the workplace or even the shopping centre as customers and staff will appreciate the added benefits of being able to boost their electric cars whilst also working and shopping.

Merlin Industrial have a range of single and 3phase chargers designed for commercial use and their page at explains the added benefits of helping the planet move to electric vehicles and allowing us all to breathe cleaner air for longer.

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