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CEMO box Tool Storage

Robust, lightweight, cost-effective storage boxes in corrosion-proof polyethylene. These professional grade boxes feature hinged lids with hinge stops, a watertight neoprene seal, adjustable tappet locks, integral handles and forklift runners. A small parts tray and compartment divider are available as optional extras. Ideal for tools, equipment, tack, clothing, spill kits, exhibition gear and so on.

Robust tool storage box model 4001

Grey or yellow box made of high-grade PE
• For transport and storage of tools
and small parts
• Ideal length for shovels as well
• Side door optional (750 l box)
• Optimal dimensions for flatbed vehicles
• Stackable, with locking pins
• With forklift pockets
• With integrated handles
• With cover stop
• With 3 toggle closures (750 l box) or 2 toggle closures (150 l, 250 l and 400 l box)
• With space for label pocket (150 l and 400 l box)
• Water ingress prevented by integral seal around whole of lid
• Partition that fits in the grooves of the toolbox as an accessory
• Insert tray for delicate tools (e.g. water level) as an accessory

mobile heavy duty tool box

Also available with lugs for use with cranes so tool boxes can be put anywhere you have crane access.

craneable toolbox

For added security you can leave your toolbox on the crane.

Craneable tool box for site security

Model 2501 Toolbox is designed to fit between wheel arches on the Land rover Defender and the Toyota HiLux.

Toolbox on Toyota Hilux

CEMO box Tool Storage