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From small individual pieces to factory automated cleaning and drying we can offer equipment manufactured here in the United Kingdom to assist your current and future plans for all sizes. Industrial cleaning and drying operations

Purpose designed and built units that offer a ecological solution without dangerous chemicals.

Safe and pollution free system for water removal

Q How does it work

By using tap water and pure water followed by hot air at reduced atmospheric pressure to produce stain free surfaces.

Without Trichloroethylene, sawdust or centrifuges

Q Extraction?

Not essential, only warm humid air produced.

Q Are special facilities are needed

None, runs off 240 volts single phase mains supply and tap water.

Q What are the running costs

Materials none, water and electricity only with an occasional recharge of water purifying cylinders.

Q What are the negatives

It takes longer than solvent dryers, typically 3 to 10 minutes per batch depending on the product shape, but the process is programmed so other jobs can be done whilst the drying sequence is in action.


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