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Welcome to a warmer and lighter month. A couple of bank holidays and the month that the King gets coronated. We have been busy updating several pages as well as adding new articles to the online industrial catalogue.

The new Kuddle units allow comfortable and quiet areas within an open-plan office.

kuddle 23 glass door

New magnetic drills are available in 110 and 230 volts.

110v magnetic drill 60mm

The Latest New and updated pages

  • Sewer Flow Regulator
    The Sewer Flow Regulator (SFR) or as it is also known, the Wastewater Flow Regulator, is an awarding-winning, patented, British innovation that has the ability to make a sewer networks smarter….
  • Educational Workbenches
    Educational workbenches available in standard and custom sizes. Vices and cupboards can be added as required. Sturdy steel legs provide a stable and long-lasting frame, that supports the wooden…
  • Furniture & Equipment Mover Sets
    Furniture & Equipment Mover Sets. With capacities of 600 and 1800 kg, these load movers offer an ingenious way to handle wide loads around the premises. Using straps, the movers hold the load…
  • COSHH Cupboards and Cabinets
    Comprehensive range of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) cabinets for the safe storage and segregation of substances that are labelled as being hazardous to health, for example Toxic…
  • Plastic Roll Cages
    Plastic roll cages have been designed for industry with easy to clean surfaces, and they are manufactured within the UK. Also, the plastic roll cages have no sharp edges and will not corrode and…
  • V-Groove & Flange Wheels
    Black-painted cast-iron 90° v-groove wheels for use on inverted angle-iron tracks or flange wheels with 3° tread ascent. With wheel diameter range of 75 to 200 mm and load capacity range of 200…
  • Plastic Lockers
    Super tough plastic lockers that are not afraid to get wet or treated harshly. Modular design and colourful doors allow you to use all available spaces. Sloping tops for hygiene intensive areas top…
  • Self Levelling Trucks & Trolleys
    Self levelling trucks and trolleys have a spring-loaded platform mechanism that lowers when weight is placed on it and raises when the weight is lifted. Ideal for loading and unloading applications….
  • Fall Arrest Protection
    Fall arresters provide a controlled fall when used with a harness and protect individuals working at heights from rapid de-acceleration. Generally stopping the fall between .1 and 1.2 metres, with…
  • Importance of ESD Protection
    Invisible damage to systems on a chip, (SoC’s) and various Electro Sensitive Devices(ESD’s) in today’s world, electronic components are handled in many working environments. It is therefore vital to…
  • Locker Room Design Guidance
    Information on lockers and helpful tips on providing storage solutions for staff and visitors. Most buildings have been designed without thought for personal storage space. Education in…
  • Table Tops for Desks
    Table tops for desks offer a way of refreshing the classroom or workspace. The 25 mm thick table tops can also be used for perimeter benching and replacing existing desktops. Wide range of shapes…

May 2023 Updates