www.merlin-industrial.com updated

Our main site at merlin-industrial.com has been updated to make it easier to navigate to the information you require.  With a search facility and two menu’s the added graphical front page now shows the most popular products so that you can click directly to the page in question.  With over 1000 pages it is always going to be difficult to make the site easily navigable so we hope these recent changes will help.  Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

safety storesMobile Work TrolleysSpill containment BermsHeavy Duty Safety Bollards Lift Out Barrier Rail System
Optional Ladder Step PlatformCastors and Wheels sectionFolding Laundry TrolleyCloakroom UnitsMesh Partitions
Modular Barrier SystemFolding Steps - GreyFrovi Fast Food UnitsHeavy Duty Static WorkbenchesMedium Duty Mobile Steps