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mobile noticeboards

A new product designed mainly for educational purposes though equally at home in the office. The new mobile moderation boards are designed to fold down so that they are easy to move between offices and classrooms so that one moderation board can be shared saving valuable funds.

Available in fabric as shown or magnetic and cork.

Folding moderation boards

  • Magnetic non-folding price £ 185 + VAT
  • Magnetic folding price £ 198 + VAT
  • Felt (Blue or Grey) non-folding price £ 154 + VAT
  • Felt (Blue or Grey) folding price £ 169 + VAT
  • Cork  non-folding price £ 98 + VAT
  • Cork  folding price £ 111 + VAT

Prices accurate January 2016

Folding Moderation Mobile Noticeboards