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office screens

The office screens proper name is Contour though how do you accurately describe an office screen that can wrap around a space? The screens can be any of Formica’s Fundamental wood ranges which offer a wide selection of quality finishes.

wavy wooden office screen

Please click on the picture for a larger image.

These office screens are not unlike tambour doors on their sides and can be shaped or straight at the top.

Standard width is 1500 mm with Standard heights at 1200 and 1600 mm and you can have sloped tops as the image below shows.

Silver grey bendy office screen

For more details and a swatch of all the finished please visit the link below;

Bendy Office Screens

Noise Reduction at Work

The effects on health and productivity from noise in the workplace are now well established. But the solution is relatively new.

Acoustics at Work can teach your staff to sound check your clients’ workplace, then offer acoustic solutions, through a range of high quality sound absorbing products.

Evolution of the open plan office
To understand the problem of noise in the work place, it is first useful to examine the reasons why the open plan office came into being.

Open Plan Offices Noise Reduction

Open Plan Offices Noise Reduction

Until perhaps 20 years ago, the private, cellular space was the ideal. The need to reduce the amount of expensive floorspace per worker led to the cubicle. And as technology has brought greater freedom from a single desk and as the need to control cost has intensified, the truly open plan office has arrived.

Yet as barriers have come down, ambient noise levels have risen; creating a tipping point, where the sound economics of densely populated open plan offices have begun to falter, as noise intrusion impacts on productivity. To alleviate this ever-growing problem, we must address 5 systems in the office:

Noise Reduction at Work