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plastic products

2014 has rushed past and very shortly we enter 2015 hopefully healthier and happier than before and our fervent wish that UK manufacturing continues to grow as we have the best engineers and innovators in the world.

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Protective Foam Inserts



Foam inserts offer added protection and security for a wide range of equipment and we have added a page to our containers section due to the growing popularity of this specialised field of packaging.

Plastic Lockers



Back to UK Manufacturing and Innovation the next two products add a new range of well priced plastic lockers that can have sloping tops as shown in the picture and which are suitable for hygiene areas and because they are plastic they can be easily cleaned and will not rust if you get them wet.

Plastic Trucks with Handles for Easy Handling




From the same UK factory as the plastic lockers we bring the plastic truck complete with handle that means that your operators no longer need to stoop to pull or push the trolley improving posture and helping back pain sufferers across the nation.

Stacking Recycling Bin



Brand new for the end of 2014 is the office recycling bin that is not only attractive but can be stacked two high requiring less space than each desk having its own waste bin and better because you can now easily segregate waste and recycle more helping 2015 and beyond in the race to reduce global warming.

Last Business Friday of the Year