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Recycle on the Go in England

Providing easy-to-use, conveniently located recycling facilities in popular public locations will help England achieve a higher recycling rate and bring financial benefits too.

Standard litter bins currently do not provide people with the opportunity to separate different types of waste materials for recycling, something which is easy to do and already done by many at home as part of their local kerbside recycling service.


There are many things to take into account when considering the options for a Recycle on the Go (RotG) solution. WRAP has produced a guide, which provides key information on the options for, and benefits of, introducing RotG facilities. Its principal aims are to aid and inform decision-making, and to highlight the options for introducing new RotG facilities or enhancing existing ones.

Download the guidance


Recent WRAP research shows that people respond better to clearly labelled recycling units and supporting messages. To ensure the most effective RotG scheme, two sets of artwork templates have been created which can be adapted to the facility owner’s needs:

  • Promotional templates to help you signpost facilities, reinforce recycling behaviour, and ensure the public know what materials they can recycle and where; and
  • Point of recycling templates designed to appear on the recycling units themselves and show the target audience which materials can be disposed of in your recycling units.

Download artwork guidance and templates

Further enquiries

If you require more detailed advice on Recycling on the Go, please contact WRAP on 0808 100 2040 or email us.

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Recycle on the Go in England