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Line Marking Tape

I met an old friend this morning Andy Dean he works for Ian Williams the maintenance and facilities management company. He had called to collect some traffic products we had supplied namely white line tape. I have listed the details below as Andy thought that the product was fantastic and, as I don’t often meet with the customers now days it was great to meet someone I have known for nearly 15 years, and get a glowing recommendation for a product we supply. If you have any views on any of our products (Good or Bad) please let me know and I will post them here so that everyone can benefit. I have added a link to the Manufacturers brochure and we will offer 20% discount off the prices to all customers that mention seeing this Blog!

  • Preformed lines, numbers, letters and symbols

  • Fast permanent reinstatement of road markings, requiring only one person and a blow torch

  • Complies with New Roads and Streets Act 1991 code of practice for reinstatement

  • Exceptionally clean cut, crisp markings that can be overdriven within minutes of application

  • Extremely flexible, even in cold weather, for easy use

  • Ideal for roads, highway reinstatement, car parks and cycleways

  • Offers the long life of thermoplastic together with ease of application

  • White markings incorporate glass beads, for immediate reflectivity apply further beads during heating

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