Office Furniture Help

It’s the most influential purchase you will ever make. A poorly finished office
looks unprofessional, uninviting and creates a disharmonious and inefficient

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A well-planned and furnished office creates instant efficiency and visual
appeal. It says your company is forward thinking, successful and dynamic. It
also rewards your workforce with working areas that they feel happy to be in.

Personnel organisations quote employees seeking improved working conditions
as the second most common reason for workers changing jobs (next to improving
salary). That represents a big loss of talent and knowledge that could be easily
retained by companies improving the working environment.

Think of increased work rates, higher staff retention, customer loyalty and
improved credibility within your market and you can see why furniture is often
called the investment that makes money.

Stay legal:

There are comprehensive and complex Health & Safety laws controlling office
furniture. Many of the regulations are to be found in the Health & Safety at

Act of 1974 with its various revisions since then.

All furniture products on
meet or exceed the requirements in the law, now and in
the foreseeable future. These include requirements on the sizes of desks, desk
finishes and reflective surfaces, stability and movement of chairs and
ergonomics as they relate to desks and chairs. They also comply with
requirements on the adjustability of chairs – backrests, tilts, seat heights and
other movements.

All furniture products on
are fully guaranteed and comply with the strict control
requirements we place on them.

Your workspace has never been more important to the smooth running efficiency
of the modern company.

Space itself has never been so expensive and so the pressure is on to invest
in new furniture that makes the very most of that space.

In addition, employees demand pleasant and effective working areas. Style is
crucial – the design-literate homeowners of today want to spend their working
days in an office space that reflects the eye appeal that has launched scores of
home makeover television programmes.

Our furniture has that style appeal. A variety of wood finishes like blonde
oak; warm beech and cool maple blend with silver and grey structures. The result
is a collection of desking and
storage that will transform any office space.

And the beauty does not detract from the strength of the product. Unlike
some, we never forget that the desks we supply could well be supporting
thousands of pounds worth of IT equipment. We put our desks and storage through
stress tests so that you don’t get stressed about your work environment.

Remember, adopting new working practices such as greater use of mobile units,
cluster team working, vertical storage and modern system storage can increase
productivity up to 41%. That means getting the right furniture solution makes
good financial sense.

Desking will be delivered flat packed and prices do not include installation
though we have teams of installers covering the UK should you require

Our stocking pledge:

We have direct access to Europe’s largest wholesale stock of office
furniture; handled and distributed by specialists in this field. It gives us,
and our customers, choice and value in the very best office furniture from the
world’s leading manufacturers.

Most furniture products are stocked and will be supplied on an express
(within 48 hours) service. Other products are called ‘Specials’ and are on a
longer lead-time.

Please note that because ‘Specials’ are made to order cancellations cannot be
accepted once the order has been made. Deliveries will be made within 2-4 weeks
depending upon the product.

Please contact AffableAardvark
for details.

Product Details
Jargon Buster… Some simple terms explainedLinking: A small desk unit that links two larger desk tops and creates
an L-shaped workstation.

Cantilever desk: Desks with a C-shaped leg support.

Clusters: Groups of desks placed together to form team-working

Courtesy panel: Sometimes called a modesty panel. A wood finish
screen in front of the desk.

Footprint: The space taken by a desk or chair (when planning always
include space for access and user movement).

MFC: Melamine-faced chipboard. A very durable wood effect finish.

Mobile pedestal: A multi-drawer storage pod on castors that can be
moved around and fits under desks.

Panel end desk: Desks with a wood finish end frame.

Radial desk: One-piece L-shaped desks recommended for use with
conventional PC monitor fitting in the corner. Ideal for clusters.

Secretarial file: Unit containing several small sliding drawers to
hold essential stationery needs.

Suspension file: Card files that hang from a cradle in the filer,
cupboard or pedestal.

Trapezoidal table: Table with one edge longer than the other – a
pyramid shape without a pointed top.

Wave desk: Ergonomic and space efficient desks with curved working
edge. Ideal for work with flat screens

Smoking Shelters are very popular

Smoking Shelters
(Installation now available)

Legislation and a new code of practice are expected to implement a total ban on smoking in the workplace. In a large number of organisations that have a no smoking policy, employees who do smoke tend to find themselves relegated to smoking ‘off site’. This is often at the front of buildings and around entrances and exits. Unsightly discarded smoker’s litter is usually the result, with people huddled together against the elements. These smoking shelters enable employers to provide a designated smoking environment in a protected and controlled area, away from the main corporate entrance or exit.
smoking shelter with perch seat and ash stand
The design of these smoking shelters enables easy access and egress. Open areas at the base and below the roof line allows for the rapid dispersal of cigarette fumes for the smokers comfort. The photograph below shows a shelter with the optional decorated steel rear panel. Site surveys and Installation service is also available. Please note the new Curvy model at the bottom of the page.

New Look Smoking Shelter for 2005
Designed to withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it, the smoking shelter shown below is also designed to look good as well. The new smoking shelter has a more curved contemporary design than the model above, and is designed to blend into traditional and modern environments.
New Curvy smoking shelter for the United Kingdom
Constructed from a powder coated steel frame.
Choice of transparent veralite or powder coated steel side panels.
Adjustable levelling feet for surface fixing or grouting.
All shelters are 2250 mm high x 3000 mm wide x 2100 mm deep.
Extension units available.

Student accomodation furniture called Madison

Madison Student and Key Worker Furniture

Madison is designed to meet the exacting needs of both Student Accommodation and Key Worker projects. These market sectors have continued to develop over the last few years and are set to grow even further in the future. Each project is unique, but is always based around a core collection of products. The Madison range has been developed to provide solutions for all these main product areas, while maintaining the ability to change dimensions, specifications and finishes to suit. All products are made to order, but we have developed a sample range to indicate to type of products that have been sold successfully within this market sector. Showroom is based in Liverpool

The key to supporting projects in this market is the management and coordination of the final installation with developers and other contractors. Our ability to support on-site installations across the UK has lead to the successful completion of a number of high profile contracts.