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telescopic cleaning handle

Welcome to November 2021. It’s decidedly chilly and, as the clocks went back at the end of October, darker earlier in the evenings. Merlin has been busy and added thousands of new products to help you shop from the warmth of your office!

Concrete floors are terrible for sapping the warmth from our feet. Rubber or foam mats help insulate us from the heat sapping concrete and are also wonderful ways of protecting us from fatigue.

Orthomat Anti-Fatigue

Industrial Flooring

A wide range of industrial flooring suitable for areas where slip hazards such as oils and greases are present also anti-fatigue matting for operators standing for long periods of time at machine tools or equipment. Industrial flooring is also available in duckboards, ideal for areas with running liquids such as machine coolant or upper decks…

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Janitorial and cleaning supplies such as mops and buckets are not the most exciting products for your factory or offices but essential. Merlin can help reduce the cost of an order by simply using the same PO to cover a sponge, broom, or floor scrubber.

janitorial cleaning supplies

Janitorial Supplies

We have a wide range of janitorial supplies and products on our online shop suitable for janitorial and cleaning activities. For cleaning offices or driveways, there are solutions available at discounted prices with a standard 3 to 5-day delivery service. Chemicals and consumables are available from stock and offer competitive solutions for small to large…

Anti Microbial Stericore Lever Handle

Antibacterial door furniture

Antibacterial door furniture, manufactured from a sterile material so that they do not need recharging or changing. With COVID-19 seemingly around forever, it makes sense to add as much protection as possible. Protecting our hands from cross infection is easier with this equipment.

Merlin Industrial stock the antibacterial door furniture in Ivybridge, Devon. You can visit and collect now (UK Office hours), or order from the online shop for immediate despatch.

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Let’s all work together and nail COVID-19, as it is getting a bit boring now!

November 2021