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PVC Curtains and Strips

PVC Curtains and Strips

Listed below are the different pvc strips we can supply either in rolls for you to replace existing strips or we can supply fully installed doors fitted by our experienced nationwide fitters. Our PVC doors can help save money by reducing temperature loss or stop birds and insects entering your premises. We also export our doors and rolls throughout Europe. Please contact us today for your no obligation quotation.

Offers all the same benefits as our standard PVC but with the advantage of an anti-static additive, ensuring the elimination of any static charge.

Coloured PVC is available in standard, ribbed, polar and perforated grades and has a minimum order quantity for bespoke colours of 2500kgs. Anti-insect, red and black are our standard stock colours.

All the same qualities and benefits of clear grade PVC (excluding light transmission) with the added benefits of improved health & safety, as coloured strips are far more visible and therefore ideal for fire-exits or identifying the edges of doorways for delivery vehicles and fork-lifts. During power cuts our ‘Glowstrip’ will highlight exits due to its ‘Glow in the dark’ properties.

Offers all the benfits of clear grade but allows maximum ventilation in and out of the premises.

Ideal for cold stores, refigerated vehicles and freezer rooms; suitable for temperatures +25C to -40C

‘Bumper strip’ or ‘Anti-scratch’ as it is sometimes known is the ideal solution for busy fork-lift traffic doorways. The double rib strips take the impact from the vehicle/goods, minimising the damage to the PVC strip, therefore maintaining clarity and light transmission.

PVC sheet material is the ideal solution for racking seperation, roller strip doors, speed doors, and also the ever popular crash door, available in many widths and colours. Bespoke colours can also be manufactured to order, with a minimum order quantity of 3000kgs per colour. Please contact us for more information.

The workhorse of the PVC family, from small interior pedestrian doorways to large exterior warehouse doors, clear PVC will cover most applications with ease. Clear grade PVC also offers good light transmission and is suitable for temperatures from +38C through to -10C

Welding grade PVC minimises the risk of ‘welding flash’ to other employees that may be in close proximity to welding. This transparent yet coloured grade will also reduce airborne noise by 30dB

All PVC Screens bulk roll products are extruded with rounded edges and are manufactured from self-extinguishing flexible PVC, which will not support combustion. Standard Roll lengths are 50 metres with a 200 mm core. A variety of widths are available from 100 mm up to our PVC sheets.

Crash doors available on request

Our PVC/Plastic strip curtains offer a high degree of clarity that ensures clear visibility to and from your working area. Each bulk roll is individually wrapped with a strong plastic inner core for shape retention.

Our PVC Strip Doors offer the most economical solutions to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.

For refrigeration purposes we offer our Super Cold PVC Strip which will remain unaffected in temperatures as low as -45 degrees.

We stock a complete range of associated components suitable for ‘Hook on’ and ‘Bolt on’ type fixings, including our Multi-Fit polycarbonate hanging plates.

We have no minimum order requirement for part, bulk roll, fully assembled curtain quantities and we operate a nationwide fitting service.

Please call 0845 124 9955 for the latest prices and information or use the Contact Us form if outside UK Office Hours

PVC Curtains and Strips